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About me

Designer, Developer & World Conqueror

About Eduardo

I am a freelance sports and eSports photographer based in Puerto Rico where I regularly shoot assignments for Paintball Photography, PBnation, La Chica Gamer, Alejo Creative and E-Sports Puerto Rico. My work keeps me busy from the first event of the year to the final biggest tournament. When not shooting, I enjoy developing iOS apps and spending time with my girlfriend attending video games events.

I am available for assignment work, and my complete image archive, which contains some of the most memorable moments, is fully searchable from within my website.



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More of my work

Design, Photography, Developer & Other Creative Work

I am always looking for new projects and challenges to expand my skills. Not only as a photographer but also as a developer.

We'd love to hear from you

On your event, my goal is to keep your memories. I don’t have planned poses, or an established amount of pictures I’m willing to make. I’m always ready and looking to preserve the memories of your team as it is: unique.

I also have pre-recommended packages that might suit your interests and needs, starting at $300. Full catalogue of my services, products, and pricing is available upon request.