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Social Paintball is the preeminent independent paintball news, videos, analysis and information resource with up to the minute news, the latest videos, and industry interviews.


Pbgotcha is the #1 Paintball Website of Puerto Rico. Its a page dedicated to news, photos, store directory, videos, events and everything else you need to know about Paintball in Puerto Rico.


Pbeventspr is a Paintball League in Puerto Rico. You can experiment and make your team by known in the three formats that Pbeventspr has to offer.


PaintballPhotography houses one of the largest collections of paintball specific photography on the web. Founded ten years ago by Gary Baum, has had contributions from almost 100 photographers and covers the vast majority of paintball events of all types around the world.


PbNation is the largest, most active online paintball community and the most widely read source for information about the game of paintball. Is a place for all types of paintball players to congregate, discuss issues and share their love of the game of paintball.

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E-Sports PR is the biggest organization that promotes competitive gaming in Puerto Rico. Founded by recognized competitor in their respective genres who later took the task of creating competitive events in various categories.

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Alejo Creative is a dynamic studio that creates, defines, develops and implements unique, highly acclaimed events, music, advertisement, design and trade shows for professionals and consumers seeking world-class entertainment. Mind-blowing, out-of-this-world entertainment with the finest and highest quality.